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Global Market Manager in Automotive
Nov 16 06:27 AM PDT

Thermal Runaway: Hot Topic in Power Electronic System Designs

Growing demand for electronics that can operate in harsh environments such as under-hood automotive systems and rugged industrial applications is fueling a trend toward new materials and more efficient power components. Keep reading…

Nov 10 01:33 PM PDT

New Circuit Protection Technologies Announced at electronica 2010

Tyco Electronics released two innovative circuit protection solutions for high discharge Li-Ion batteries and power electronics in rugged environment market segments: MHP (Metal Hybrid PPTC) and RTP (Reflowable Thermal Protection) devices. Keep reading…

Nov 09 09:44 AM PDT

The electronica Power Load

As I look around the exhibit floor at electronica I can’t help but ponder how much current is coursing through the long, carpet covered cables that power the multimedia intensive exhibits and all those lights – many of them being LED spots. Just right here in these long and huge halls, we have so many electrical and electronics circuits helping make our lives comfortable and exciting. Keep reading…

Aug 26 06:00 AM PDT

Automotive Industry Working to Reduce Potential Thermal Events in Vehicles

As automobile electronics become more sophisticated, so does the vehicle’s electric system. Today’s passenger compartments have a great many more electrical sources in the dashboard, seats, doors, headliner and floorboard than are found in older vehicles. Keep reading…

Aug 20 06:00 AM PDT

New Circuit Protection Solutions to Launch at electronica

electronica 2010, the world’s leading trade fair for components, systems and applications will be held November 9 – 12 in Munich, Germany. Conferences, forums and panel discussions will focus on the latest trends and technologies in the electronics industry.
Keep reading…

Aug 03 06:00 AM PDT

Are Cosmic Rays Zapping Automotive Electronics?

Can cosmic rays affect terrestrial electronic systems? Yes, indeed. Could they be the cause of sudden, unintended acceleration in automobiles? It’s possible. Because today’s vehicles rely less on mechanical systems and more on sophisticated electronic microcontrollers to govern basic functions – such as braking and speed – some scientists say they are more vulnerable to cosmic ray upsets. Keep reading…

Jul 06 06:00 AM PDT

Let This Be a Lesson: University Researchers Hack Automotive Electronics

Last month a group of researchers from the University of California San Diego and the University of Washington in Seattle presented a paper describing how they successfully infiltrated a vehicle’s control system. In late 2009, they hacked into a test car’s electronic braking system and prevented a test driver from braking the moving vehicle. Keep reading…

Jun 14 04:00 AM PDT

Vehicle Manufacturers Try to Lighten Up

Approximately one-third of a passenger vehicle’s total fuel consumption depends on its weight, and according to industry estimates, fuel efficiency increases by 6-8% for every 10% drop in vehicle weight. This fact, combined with stricter regulations on greenhouse gas emissions, has automakers examining every facet of the vehicle – from chassis, wheels and windshields to seating and headliner materials – in search of lighter, more cost-effective components. Keep reading…