Jul 31 09:00 AM PDT

Don’t Wait To Design In Circuit Protection

As circuit topologies and the physical size of electronics get ever smaller, it’s more important than ever that you design in circuit protection as early in the design cycle as possible. While a design’s functionality and performance are, of course, of paramount importance, not including circuit protection early in the design cycle could lead to development delays and, in the worst case, result in a product failing in the marketplace. Keep reading…

Jul 10 10:30 AM PDT

ATE Needs Protection, Too

Most engineers think of circuit protection in relation to consumer and industrial devices. Indeed, consumer and industrial electronics are subject to many hazards, such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) and over-voltage and over-current conditions. Engineers designing these products will find that TE Circuit Protection has solutions that will help them prevent premature failures.

ate-needs-protection-too-fig1 Keep reading…

Jun 05 11:28 AM PDT

Using circuit protection devices to prevent power supply failures

A recent article in Power Systems Design detailed the results of a study on power supply failures. The study surveyed the participants of the Power Supply Design Center LinkedIn group, which has more than 3,000 members, including engineers with many years of experience in power supply design. Keep reading…