Jul 10 10:30 AM PDT

ATE Needs Protection, Too

Most engineers think of circuit protection in relation to consumer and industrial devices. Indeed, consumer and industrial electronics are subject to many hazards, such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) and over-voltage and over-current conditions. Engineers designing these products will find that TE Circuit Protection has solutions that will help them prevent premature failures.

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Jun 05 11:28 AM PDT

Using circuit protection devices to prevent power supply failures

A recent article in Power Systems Design detailed the results of a study on power supply failures. The study surveyed the participants of the Power Supply Design Center LinkedIn group, which has more than 3,000 members, including engineers with many years of experience in power supply design. Keep reading…

May 16 10:26 AM PDT

MHL Links Mobile Devices to the Big Screen

It’s no secret that we’re becoming a more mobile society. Everywhere you go these days, people are staring at handheld devices texting friends or family, emailing business contacts, playing games, listening to music, and using productivity apps. It’s truly amazing how powerful and ubiquitous our smartphones and tablets have become. Keep reading…

Apr 29 11:20 AM PDT

Making personal electronics (and the batteries that power them) safer challenges designers

There seems to be no end to the growth in the number of devices using batteries. A recent article in Design News (“Growth Could Be on the Way for Lithium-Ion Battery Market”), for example, cites a study that predicts lithium-ion battery sales will increase almost 50 percent from $28 billion in 2013 to $41 billion worldwide in 2018. Other studies predict similar growth.

Many of these devices will be on or near our bodies. We tote around smartphones in our pockets, wear smartwatches or fitness devices on our wrists, and hold tablets close as we poke and prod them. Keep reading…